Shadows in the Road (Download)

Shadows in the Road (Download)
Sam Weber is a road dog of a younger breed. A known guitar slinger and record maker of Western Canada, Sam has set his chops loose in his own musical pastures. Hailing from the open skies and minds of North Saanich, BC, the 21-year-old Canadian singer-songwriter and guitarist has gone from strength to strength with gigs and EP releases that have caught the imagination of listeners and media across the world. His ambitious, masterful debut full-length album, "Shadows in the Road," is the culmination of years already spent focused on touring and recording.

"Shadows in the Road" is an album of intense contrasts, emotional entanglement, and mercurial, enthralling arrangements. It plants Sam’s evident affection for freedom, fleeting love, rocky mountain desert valleys, and Bruce Springsteen into sonic prose.

Released: September 2, 2014

Genre: Rock, Singer-Songwriter

Track Listing:

1. Shadow In the Road

2. Right Hearted

3. Something To Say

4. The Nerves

5. August

6. Lonely

7. Rolling

8. Burn Out

9. Don't Hurt

10. Rolling (Reprised)

11. Love In the Age of Lust

12. Freedom

13. Peace

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