Nocturnal (Download)

Nocturnal (Download)
Based out of Victoria BC, Isobel Trigger strikes you with their synth-driven style and high-energy performances. With exotic vocals, driving lead lines, and heart-thumping grooves, the band weaves a musical web that draws you to the dance floor. Isobel Trigger is about delicate innocence meeting howling distortion; soft in one moment then crashing into powerful crescendos the next. It’s little red riding hood and the big bad wolf all in one.

Isobel Trigger’s EP Nocturnal (produced by Ryan Worsley and Adam Sutherland), features five original songs combining haunting vocals, dance beats and cosmic guitar riffs. The band’s sound has been described as “indie dance rock,” “power pop,” and “the soundtrack to an alien abduction.”

Released: August 12, 2014

Genre: Pop, Rock, Alternative

Track Listing:

1. Dust and Bones

2. Tiger Shark

3. Champion

4. Sugar Cube

5. Carry On

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