Looking For Ground (CD)

Looking For Ground (CD)
Wyckham Porteous' album 'Looking for Ground', was a milestone in his career. Recorded in Austin, Texas, and released in September 1995, it was greeted with rave reviews in Canada, the United States and a number of European countries, and was hailed as "a roots rock masterpiece" by the Associated Press. The album reached the Top Ten on the Gavin Report`s "Americana" chart, and was named Best Roots Traditional Album at the 1997 Pacific Music Industry Association`s annual West Coast Music Awards show.

Released: 1995

Genre: Country, Rock, Roots Rock

Track Listing:

1. Looking For Ground

2. Back On That Train

3. Maybe Tomorrow

4. Cumberland Waltz

5. This Land

6. Rain of Love

7. Please Do Not Call Me

8. 3AM

9. 7 Years

10. Glory

11. Under the Still Full Moon

12. I Would Stay Here

13. On A Quiet Night Like This