Sexanddrinking (CD)

Sexanddrinking (CD)
While Wyckham Porteous' previous recordings were about searching, sexanddrinking - recorded for Cordova Bay Records - reflects a rockier sound, is about what he found. A travelogue, the album reflects what he has discovered during the journey, including what is good, what is bad and what is indifferent. Almost a throwback to the 60s, sexanddrinking is a concept album with threads that crisscross and intertwine, creating storylines with complex texture and vivid imagery.

Released: September 11, 2001

Genre: Contemporary Folk, Singer/Songwriter, Roots Rock

Track Listing:

1. Sexanddrinking

2. Feel Alright

3. Get Happy

4. The First Time

5. Louisiana

6. Ophelia

7. Amsterdam

8. Mighty Drinkers

9. The Party

10. Better Than I've Ever Been

11. Fall So Deep

12. I've Been Around

13. Valentine