3AM (CD)

3AM (CD)
Hailing from Vancouver, BC, critically acclaimed singer/songwriter Wyckham Porteous released his 6th album (and 2nd for Cordova Bay Records) 3AM in spring 2008. With this album, Wyckham Porteous has finally done what he does best, he’s emerged as a storyteller whose personal experience gives the songs of 3AM a unified philosophical perspective.

Helping Wyckham to achieve the blend of folk, country, rock and pop on 3AM was the legendary Andrew Loog Oldham (Rolling Stones, Small Faces). It was Andrew's idea to leaven the album with a striking interpretation of The Beatle’s Please Please Me, a song that puzzled Wyckham at first, but which fit in naturally. It was Andrew who threw out songs that were too folkie or too country, resulting in a cohesiveness blend of heartfelt originals and insightful covers.

Released: March 18, 2008

Genre: Pop, Rock, Roots

Track Listing:

1. Deep Into The Water

2. I Will Follow

3. Please Please Me

4. Harper's Ferry

5. Hungry Heart

6. Ancient Highway

7. Teach Me Tonight

8. Beggar's Harbour

9. 3Am

10. Young Man Walking

11. Spanish Harlem

12. Please Please Me (Piano Mix)