Porkbelly Futures (CD)

Porkbelly Futures (CD)
Porkbelly Futures takes writers, rockers, classical musicians and does the only logical thing. It creates a sort of jazzy blues band with an alt country twang. The band reunites the singer/songwriting team of Paul Quarrington and Martin Worthy, whose 1980 album produced by John Capek and engineered by Daniel Lanois yielded the #1 hit single "Baby and the Blues". Quarrington is one of Canada's best-known literary figures, having won awards for his novels, TV scripts, screenplays and songwriting.

Released: April 8, 2008

Genre: Blues, Alternative, Country

Track Listing:

1. Sweet Daddy

2. Hie Down Honey

3. Bon Vivant

4. Gotta Love A Train

5. Sad Old Love Affair

6. March Storm

7. I Need My Heart

8. Alberta Springtime

9. Ain't For Me To Say

10. You Are All I Need

11. Goin' Down

12. Steam Whistle

13. I'm In Love

14. Handsome Devil Ray