Kronic Rock (CD)

Kronic Rock (CD)
"Kronic Rock was created to bring back that fun to rock," Meehan says. "It's about getting laid; throwing your fists in the air, forgetting about conformity and your day job. That's what rock has always been there for. It's fist-pounding, balls-to-the-wall rock but we want people to take their own interpretation from our lyrics. Music should be a very personal experience. People feel like they own a part of their favourite bands because they invest so much into them personally. So this is whatever they want it to be."

Released: August 10, 2010

Genre: Rock

Track Listing:

1. Turn It Up

2. Let's Go All The Way

3. Put Your Hands Up In The Air

4. Misunderstood

5. Rock With Me

6. Tmz

7. Bring The House Down

8. Don't Say You Tried

9. Roll With Me

10. Rock And Roll Party