Sally's Dream (CD)

Sally\'s Dream (CD)
A national treasure. An ageless bluesman. A master folk artist. These ARE Bill Bourne. He's an icon in the Canadian performing songwriter world. Sally's Dream is the solo album that his many fans have been waiting for. Juno Award nominated Sally's Dream will become one of the most talked about Canadian Blues Roots albums of 1998.

Released: 1998

Genre: Roots, Singer/Songwriter, Blues, Acoustic Blues

Track Listing:

  1. 1. The 20th Century Requiem
  2. 2. Sally's Dream
  3. 3. Old Hag - Go From My Window
  4. 4. Louis Collins
  5. 5. Blue Eyed Moggie
  6. 6. Worried Man Blues
  7. 7. Summer at the Circus
  8. 8. Only A Fool
  9. 9. Seven Angles
  10. 10. Dance and Celebrate - Manumit
  11. 11. The Wild Watusi