Between Trains (CD)

Between Trains (CD)
Three forces of nature meet in Bop Ensemble, a Canadian super-group featuring folk legends Bill Bourne and Wyckham Porteous, along with up-and-coming singer-bassist Jasmine "Jas" Ohlhauser. Combining Bourne’s grit, Porteous’ warmth, and Jas’ energetic devilry, the three manage to catch lightning in a bottle.

Bourne, who is cut from the cloth of a classic troubadour, was called by Texas songwriting legend Tom Russell "a shining light in the North American folk and roots scene."

Porteous matches Bourne's nearly legendary status and was called by Andrew Loog Oldham "Leonard Cohen meets Harry Dean Stanton, a warm, warm, performer whose voice is like a bottle of wine who has matured into a friend."

Jasmine "Jas" Ohlhauser is the wild card of the bunch, an exuberant 25-year-old who also plays with the Edmonton band Lilys On Mars. With the addition of her dance theatrics, Bop Ensemble shows come close to performance art.

Each of the three is great on their own ... together they are something truly special.

"Between Trains sounds like it could have been recorded around a crackling campfire on a midsummer night by three friends swapping tunes and passing a bottle...you might want to keep a copy in your winter-blues emergency first aid kit."-Penguin Eggs

Released: 2009

Genre: Folk/Blues

Track Listing:

  1. 1. Buckets of Rain
  2. 2. Green River Girl
  3. 3. Peace Like A River
  4. 4. Husbands & Wives
  5. 5. Flash Around the Globe
  6. 6. When I Think of Angels
  7. 7. Change For Children
  8. 8. Snow On The Hill
  9. 9. Flowers
  10. 10. California Dreamin'