Roadhouse Revelation (CD)

Roadhouse Revelation (CD)
David Vest is a fabulous foot-stompin', house-rocking' boogie-woogie piano player who can just as effortlessly play beautiful jazz and country blues ballads.

His nicely weathered, unpretentious voice perfectly complements his playing. On "Roadhouse Revelation" Vest is backed up by a top-notch band featuring the great Teddy Leonard (Fathead) on guitar, Gary Kendall (Downchild) on bass and Mike Fitzpatrick (Downchild), on drums.

Released: April 29, 2014

Genre: Blues

Track Listing:

1. Freight Train Rollin'

2. Stand Your Ground

3. Ramblin' Man

4. You Came Through

5. Street Car

6. Gone Too Far

7. Crooked Politician

8. Santa Fe Steamer

9. That Happened To Me

10. Heart Full of Rock and Roll

11. Pretty Things for Anne