El Paseo (Download)

El Paseo (Download)
WiL’s gift for writing music with inspiring lyrics and catchy arrangements landed him a string of acclaimed songs in Travel Alberta’s award winning media campaign ‘Remember To Breathe’. These songs and several others make up "El Paseo," the recording of which was funded by WiL’s fans through an extremely successful crowd funding campaign. WiL found the support from his fans incredibly inspiring; he says, “These songs just came pouring out of me; they are some of the best songs I feel I have ever written to date and am so grateful that I am now able to record these songs and put the best of what we got on the new record.”

"El Paseo," when translated from Spanish to English, means ‘The Ride’. Whether speaking to WiL’s masterful, passionate, string-breaking live performance, his music career or the songs themselves, all are guaranteed to deliver one hell of a ride.

Released: September 30, 2014

Genre: Folk, Roots Rock

Track Listing:

1. Hold Me On

2. El Paseo

3. You Know I do

4. There Is

5. A Whoo Hoo

6. Make Make

7. Morning Sun

8. Look Around

9. Summer Song

10. Brother

11. Roam

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