Stones (Download)

Stones (Download)
"Stones" follows Steph Macpherson’s debut album, Bells & Whistles, which earned her recognition within the Canadian music industry, including a Songwriter of the Year nomination at the Western Canadian Music Awards and numerous invites to perform at festivals and other events.

Her debut also caught the attention of Colin Linden (Blackie & The Rodeo Kings) who first heard Steph’s music on a radio program while he was driving through Nashville. He reached out and expressed his interest in working with her, and from there everything fell into place for Steph to travel to Nashville and record Stones with Colin in the producer’s seat.

"Stones" showcases Steph’s finest songwriting to date, and delves into some of the most personal themes she has explored. Ranging from self- knowledge and uncertainty in the face of new relationships to setting aside our demons and taking risks in order to experience life fully and without regrets. With this album, Steph eloquently demonstrates her ability to express universal experiences with poetic depth and maturity.

Released: October 9, 2015

Genre: Pop, Folk, Singer-Songwrtier

Track Listing:

1. Lie Beside You

2. Everything You Don't Do

3. Spark

4. Holding In

5. Wood & Nails

6. Stones

7. You Got Mean

8. Cerulean Blues

9. Home

10. Mexico

11. In Your Hands

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