India, Seattle (Download)

India, Seattle (Download)
Even the title, "India, Seattle" feels like a story on it’s own. Victoria’s Mike Edel couldn’t have named his sophomore release more poetically.

Part of growing a little bit older, a little bit wiser is the awareness that comes inside growing spaces. Nearing thirty, on the exhaust of a brutal four year touring schedule, Edel settled inside these spaces to create his finest work yet. There’s a quiet here, even in the literal spaces in the record that speak loudly.

There’s something about the way Edel presents personal experiences in a way that project universal understandings. Love and beauty, pain and confusion, the knowledge that all precious things are only precious because they can be lost. It feels a little bit like growing up - like the moment when everything that felt so close as a young person is all of a sudden so far away. It’s the comfort in finding that you aren’t alone. There’s a humanity in these discoveries, and listening to India/Seattle feels like watching Edel discover it for himself, and the product is a little bit of each of us.

Released: April 14, 2015

Genre: Folk, Pop

Track Listing:

1. All The Morning

2. Blue Above the Green

3. Thought About July

4. More Than The Summer

5. Hell Exists

6. East Shore West Shore

7. Sunny Outside This Afternoon

8. Julia

9. When the Good Goes Wrong

10. The Closer

11. St. Columbia

12. India, Seattle

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